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Oliver Hodge

Tour Guide

Oliver Hodge is an Anguillian that has had a fascination with nature from an early age. His love for the outdoors continued into adulthood where he gained invaluable knowledge of the many indigenous plants of Anguilla by his Uncle.

Oliver expanded upon that knowledge when he also became very interested and pursued his appreciation of caves in Anguilla and has conducted extensive cave tours and hikes throughout Anguilla.

Having worked at the Environmental Health Department he has locally become considered an authority on the flora, fauna and caves on Anguilla. He is also the Co-author of the book “A Guide To Common Plants Of Anguilla”. He often reminds visitors to Anguilla’s beautiful and diverse shores that "There is more to see, than just sand and sea."

The Katouche team

We are a fun team who enjoy working together and exploring Anguilla's nature life. Our absolute commitment is to hire and train the best guides in the industry. Our philosophy is that our guides, gear, food and logistics comprise our product, and the guides are the most important ingredient!